Scripting and Storyboarding

Writing a script and defining timings for voiceovers and narrations are a key part of educational or informative video content.

Storyboarding is a fundamental element of any video process, and helps us to map out how the video will progress. At Tricks, we provide script-writing and storyboarding in our services for all video production.

How do I get a script?

Scripting and Storyboarding services form the backbone of a motion design piece. We work with a talented network of wordsmiths who can create your script for your video, or you can come with one already prepared (which would be very ‘Blue Peter’ of you).

What’s a Storyboard?
Scripting and Storyboarding

The storyboard is the intersection between the narrative/story and the visual style. We break down the duration into keyframes and carefully plot out timings, messaging, visual elements and script. It’s the first look at pacing, transitions and any text on screen. This is the framework of the animation for us to refine and enhance in the production process.

“With the global expansion of our brand, we engaged Tricks to help us strategically evolve our brand identity and voice. The project and process was a true collaboration. Given Tricks’ extensive expertise and passion for our brand, we continue to work with them on creative asset needs for digital campaign launches.”

Scott Parker

Chief Brand Officer, Fhitting Room

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