Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics: Unlocking the potential of your story

Motion Graphics:

Collaborative motion design agency Tricks Studio unlocks the potential of ambitious brands to craft their story, ensuring they’re not only seen and heard, but felt and remembered, gaining real traction in today’s crowded marketplaces.

Being seen no longer cuts the mustard, so to speak. You need to be felt and remembered for any real traction. When your audience pays more attention, they’re more likely to convert.

Unlock your brand’s advantages with motion graphic storytelling expertly crafted to resonate with laser-targeted audiences.

You’re not just looking for content to throw out into the world, you want a crafted story that resonates with your audience and meets your objective. Whether it’s higher conversions, important information being remembered, or brand perception in your industry, motion graphics unlock significant advantages for you.

With 20 years of experience and over 500+ projects delivered, we’ve seen it all. We’ve learned what can trip up a project and how to steer clear of those snags. That’s why we’re ISO 9001 certified: it’s our stamp of quality, and it means you can trust us to get it right.

With professional motion graphics and animation design we’re limited only by our imagination.

When it comes to motion graphics, the sky’s the limit. We’re not hemmed in by the usual hassles of live filming, like bad weather or multiple locations. It’s all about what we can dream up. We make sure that all this creative freedom is channelled to nail your project’s goals. Our experience means we don’t just know the right software and technology; it means we know how to make our creations hit the mark for you.

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The Magic of Motion Graphics Told Through a Story

Working closely with the collaborative motion designers at Tricks, top UK tech recruiters Searchability were enabled to launch a standout new platform in an ultra-competitive space with dynamic motion graphics powering the heart of the campaign.

Briefed to create an edgy but inclusive campaign to get the new Scalability platform off to a flying start, we crafted a 5-minute explainer animation that can be broken down into a smaller suite of assets tailormade for the various key marketing channels of today.

In today’s era of short attention spans professional motion explainer graphics excel in catching a viewer’s eye, and holding it, through vibrant visuals, fluid transitions and dynamic animations.

Armed with a clear understanding of Searchability’s target audiences unearthed during discovery workshops, our creative motion designers and animators took full advantage of motion’s versatile canvas, to craft multiple shareable assets narrated by different voice actors, to appeal to target clients.

We crafted assets including a 5-minute explainer animation, a suite of smaller explainers, plus web banners and print ads, to grab the attention of time-poor business owners, managers, and decision makers. Harnessing motion graphics key advantage, we conveyed complex messages in an appealing, memorable, and easily understandable format.

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Why Invest in Motion Graphic Services?

From establishing a visual identity, to transforming the complex into compelling stories, professional motion graphic and animation is both appealing and easily digestible, perfectly shareable for today’s crowded digital landscape.

Make It Simple For Your Audience

Simplify Your Message

Utilising motion graphics gives you clarity in your communications. You can transform intricate ideas into clear, easy to understand visuals, making the message far more accessible.

Learning Boost

The majority of the world are visual-learners, meaning they can grasp information and concepts far more effectively when presented as graphics.

Break It Down

By using step-by-step processes, you make information bite-sized and easy to follow. This ensures messaging is understood and retained.

No One Reads Anything

People will skim read text when presented with lots of information (you’re probably doing it right now). Heavy blocks of text are instantly reduced, when using various mediums like image, text, video, illustration.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Emotion means you’re felt, not heard.

By making something compelling, you’re making your story memorable and impactful. Think John Lewis Christmas Advert.

Abstract to Real

Using visual metaphors means you can use creative solutions to tell a story. We’ve been known to make a character animation with a circle, bringing character and depth to a simple shape.

Smooth Flow

Creating something seamless guides viewers through your message, and stops them watching the clock. Boredom means death in this world, so keeping the viewer engaged keeps the dream alive.

It’s character building

Bring your brand’s authentic personality to the table and make it felt! People buy into what makes you, you. Your uniqueness stands you apart from your competition.

Convert, Convert, Convert


Motion Graphics mean you can make it fast and active, or slow and gripping. Harness pace to maintain audience attention. More attention means more action.

Call To Animate

Seamlessly integrated CTAs mean a gentle guide to your audience. Making their likelihood of purchasing or inquiring far greater.

Social Butterfly

Share-worthy content means more organic visibility, and more traffic. If it’s not on social media, did it really even happen?

Divide, Test, and Conquer

Working with skilled motion graphics means you can quickly output and test different elements. Creating different ratios, CTAs, even colours can affect your conversion.

Budgets don’t mean Budget


Motion graphic design means you save on the expense of live action videos. No more sets, locations, actors, producers, catering! All of the visual delight without any of the headache.

Reuse and Recycle

By creating a library of assets, you can repurpose across campaigns, providing lasting value to your brand.

Back to the drawing board

Quickly update existing motion graphics with new offers, text or information. No re-shoots, no logistics, just a few clicks and you’re back up to date.

Cross Pollination

Motion Graphics and animation works fantastically across presentations, social media, even TV. You’re making one brilliant thing to use across multiple channels without having to reinvent the wheel.

How Our Motion Graphics Resonate with Your Needs

Be the narrative: memorable motion graphic storytelling looks and feels right with your audience.

Don’t be part of a narrative, be the narrative. Professional motion graphics go further than delivering a message, they tell your story in glorious technicolour. They grab your audience’s attention and keep them glued. By using a mix of colour, imagery and smooth animation, your message is broken down into small bite-size pieces of information and becomes memorable. You want to make the viewer part of your journey, and buy into who you are and what you do.

Having a story with a smooth flow from scene to scene keeps viewers on track with your story without any interruption. This smoothness combined with thoughtful, strategic design mean the deliverable doesn’t just look good, it feels real. And because these graphics are video based, they adapt to any screen. Keeping your message landing with everyone, regardless of language, or location. It’s our job to make sure your story doesn’t just look good, it feels right and reaches the intended target.

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Why Our Motion Graphics Services are Your Best Choice

Partnering with an ISO-certified motion design agency, with over 500 collaborative projects under our belts over 5 years, is the safest bet to ensure your brand communications not only look right, but feel right too, for you and your customers.


With over 5 years in the motion graphic game, you’re not just getting skills, you’re getting insight. We know how to bring your vision to life and ensure it feels real. You can rest assured we’ve delivered over 500 projects, meaning our process is efficient and effective.

Diverse Portfolio

By working across a variety of industries, always in motion graphics, you benefit from the wins and nuggets of information that are currently working throughout the industry. Our diverse portfolio shows we can handle anything from corporate to quirky, giving you confidence we can bring a fresh perspective to your project.


Your vision is our priority, however, our expertise and training means we can bring strategic thinking to the table, ensuring objectivity rather than subjectivity. The target audience is our guiding principle.

5 Star Service

End-to-end project management ensures tasks are completed, on time and within budget. We’ll always share a Gantt schedule with you so everyone knows what’s happening, when. We pride ourselves on our 5* review ratings and satisfied customers.

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Addressing Potential Concerns Head-On

Bespoke motion design services by a veteran ISO-certified agency like Tricks ensure seamless integration, through every step of the creative process, from harnessing existing content to enhancing active campaigns and everything in-between.


Everything we do is bespoke to your needs. This enables you to work within your brand guidelines (or help you push them) to ensure your motion graphics feel seamless part of your brand, or help evolve them. We’ll ensure continuity with other aspects of your marketing and deliver the perfect accompaniment.

Return on Investment

Making sure your investment is working as hard as possible is important for any marketing investment. We offer competitive pricing and always work with you to get the most out of your budget. If you’d like to get a free, no obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Ambitious businesses are just as, if not more, concerned about timelines as they are about budgets. There’s always an important date to meet, and we know how mission critical deadlines are. We’re an ISO 9001 certified company, meaning you’re getting quality.


We handle every step from concept through to delivery (more on that below), making the process hassle-free for you. With a dedicated project manager and regular check-ins, you’ll always feel in the loop and up to date. In the check-in’s we’ll discuss creative options, feedback and generally keep tabs on the project’s progress from start to finish.

Our Motion Graphics Expertise

Motion design storytelling: telling your story memorably, step-by-step.

Motion graphics by a full-service motion design and animation agency like Tricks Studio play a pivotal role in contemporary brand communications. From attention-grabbing animated explainers to communicative corporate graphics, through crafted motion design storytelling, we capitalise on the dynamic and engaging mediums captivating today’s audiences across digital platforms.

Realising Your Vision

Using a detailed storyboard showing every key moment of the story, you’ll understand what’s happening and when. There’ll be script notes for any narration by a voiceover artist, and animation notes to talk about direction. This goes hand in hand with a small series of styleframes that quite literally show the style of the finished piece.

Words With Meaning

By bringing your words to life, they move with purpose, carrying your message with rhythm and flow. Whether all the text is on screen, or just some, the way in which the information is delivered is crucial to understanding and memorability. By highlighting key words or phrases, we can hold attention where it matters most.

Elevating Your Data

Data’s your most important asset, it tells you what’s happened and helps you forecast the future. It’s vital to treat it with the importance it deserves. Making data digestible is key to success, by simplifying information and amplifying understanding.

Moving Your Brand Forward

A brand is more than a logo or a colour, it’s a community of raving fans. By elevating your logo through motion graphics, you give it the opportunity to help tell your story.

The Final Flourish

Audio adds depth and emotion to motion graphics. When objects move in real life, they have sounds. Turning a page of a book doesn’t feel realistic if you don’t hear the crinkle of the paper. This is how something good is elevated to something great. A voiceover allows more information to be taken off the screen, and lets the visuals become simpler and more powerful. Finally post-production ensures graphics are perfected, sound is balanced and messaging resonates.

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Step-by-Step: Our Creation Process

Your Journey Through Our Collaborative Motion Graphics Design Process

1. Initial Consultation

The creative process starts with a deep dive into your vision and objectives, ensuring the outcome reflects your brand values and goals. Our creative briefing form will capture all aspects of the project for careful consideration.

2. Shaping Your Story

Taking your message and then adding strategic thinking keeps the idea as close to the result in mind. Once the narrative flows, storyboard and custom styleframes show how that plays out over the duration of the video.

3. Making It Move

This is the stage where everything comes together and transforms from words and sketches into a moving piece of marketing with momentum and powerful messaging.

4. Collaborative Refinement

Throughout your journey you’ll have regular, scheduled check-in meetings to ensure the process is running smoothly, and discuss feedback and alternations.

5. The Final Flourish

As the journey concludes, the various deliverables, different durations and ratios are outputted, ready to deliver your message no matter where your audience is.

Prefer to chat through how our collaborative motion design process fits in with your brand? Call 01244 560 537 or click to contact online by filling out our contact form.

They got to know us very well, and they invested time, effort, and energy to help us problem-solve.

Samira Salman – Salman Solutions

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So hopefully you’re in agreement that motion graphics are an incredibly powerful tool to elevate your brand story, simplify complex information, and help your audience remember your message.

From SME to Bluechip, our bespoke motion graphic services are tailored not just to meet your requirements, but exceed your goals. With the help of design, animation and post production, we guarantee a product that’s visually stunning and strategic to your marketing plan.

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