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Healthcare animation offers a versatile solution for patient education, medical training, product marketing, procedure explanation, and communication campaigns. From simplifying complex concepts to showcasing intricate details, animated videos engage audiences effectively, making information easily understandable and memorable across various platforms and audiences.

Today’s Patients and HCPs have ever-growing expectations for complex information delivered to them simply.

You need to tell a story.

Whether you’re trying to build trust, spread knowledge, cater to evolving needs and behaviours; you need to tell them a story.

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How can healthcare animation help you?

Animation for the Healthcare industry, like 2D medical industry animation and 3D healthcare animation, is a powerful tool that can help you deliver your message with simplicity and memorability. Animated medical explainers can inspire your audience, motivate them and promote them to take your intended action. By using medical motion graphics, you can magnify the tiny universe at the molecular level, or zoom out to the globe. Take your story to places you simply can’t with traditional live-action video.

Patient Education

Patients are becoming more independent in their research on areas of their treatment, or healthcare journey. They’re seeking out information on their own, and that information needs to be simple, engaging and trusted. Whether your patient needs to watch a patient education video before meeting an HCP, or is being inducted into a process, a healthcare animation makes it a straightforward and repeatable step.

Medical Training and Education

An animation can get right down to the molecular level, and showcase aspects of the human anatomy that a traditional live-action video physically can’t. By visualising detailed structures, processes or techniques, a virtual medical demonstration can be a vital tool for student, professional or patient.

Marketing Medical Products

Peeling back the layers of a product to show the inner works is a simple and straightforward task for an animation. You can use your own CAD engineering files to ensure your device is 100% precise, or choose a design treatment for a stylistic approach. Then use a medical device animation to highlight and showcase the different mechanisms, features and benefits of your device or drug.

Healthcare Communication Campaigns

Delivering information far and wide, across different channels, lengths and audiences is critical for a successful campaign. Whether speaking to the public, to patients or to an internal audience, a medical animation can be distributed effectively.

Explaining Procedures

The way in which we all learn has changed over the past decade, and reading information simply isn’t the norm. Whilst some audiences may demand the written word, most people in society would prefer a video to explain it to them. Using a medical procedure animation to explain a procedure or process, whether it’s a business use case, or direct to consumer, means you can free up time for better use.

The healthcare marketing landscape is constantly changing, with new challenges that need to be solved. These challenges are not limited to the below, but they’re particularly pertinent in the current climate.

Problem 1: Digital Transformation

As healthcare becomes increasingly digital, an increased level of training is required to upskill HCPs and Patients into new ways of working and interaction. New tools and technology require new training.

Problem 2: Changing Patient Behaviour

The modern patient is more proactive and present in their healthcare journey. They seek relevant, informative and tailored content, and demand higher levels of transparency from providers. Patients are more active in decision making and have greater choice.

Problem 3: Value-engineering Budgets

Marketing budgets are having to work harder and stretch further given the past few years economic climate and intense competition from disrupters. Healthcare consumers expect seamless, cross-channel experiences.

Solution: Animated video

Animated Videos can solve your problems by making complex information simple, and simple content memorable. Videos can be easily streamed into existing digital platforms and communication methods, whether speaking with patients, HCPs or stakeholders.
They use highly visual and creative designs to help break down complex information into simple, understandable communication.
And can be easily adapted and reused across various digital platforms, audiences and purposes, making the most of your budget. You get the advantages of video, without the cost of live-action filming.

Benefits and Features

What’re the benefits of using the powerful tool of biomedical animation for healthcare marketing and patient communication?

Get your message across

Animation attention through exciting visuals, making it easier to get your story across, whether your audience is on a phone between meetings, or sat in town hall meetings.

Make the complex simple

You need your audience to understand your message in order for them to make an informed decision. By using a highly creative and visual design, animation simplifies complex medical and scientific information.

Bring it to life

Humans are wired for stories. By turning your communication into a narrative and adding in some emotion you stand a much better chance at being remembered. Static just doesn’t cut it in the modern word.

Make it once, adapt it loads

Because the information isn’t filmed like a traditional video, you can easily update or modify the communication without the expense of re-shooting the video. It becomes a flexible tool with an extended shelf-life.

Build a campaign

As healthcare becomes increasingly digital, you can deliver your healthcare video across a huge range of devices and platforms, from phones through to powerpoints. With expert health care video editing, we can take key assets from the animation and use them as imagery for web or printed uses.

Tell a story

Create the environment for your audience to see themselves in the story you’re telling. When you have empathy and connection with your audience, you can work on building trust or overcoming objections.

Accessible for all

By taking information and making it simpler, you’re making it more accessible to a wider audience. You can connect with people who understand the principle but not the jargon.

Move with the times

Healthcare continues to evolve and innovate, as do patients and HCPs demands and expectations. Medical animation services can play an important role in education and engagement, aiding your healthcare marketing.

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What features does animation have that are useful to the healthcare industry?

Crystal Clear

Animated videos can be designed and created in any resolution. Need something pinsharp for a projection, or printed out and used for an event? No problem. You get detailed and precise visuals, perfect for showcasing medical concepts and procedures.

The Perfect Model

Through 3D modelling, you can have a realistic and physically-accurate anatomical structure for your story. If you have a medical device, you can provide the CAD engineering files to ensure your exact device is used within the animation.

Motion Graphics

Where filming is required, medical motion graphics can help pick out important sequences through graphic elements, or through text. This makes your video easier to follow and aids simplicity.

Tailor Made

In an animation, everything is bespoke to your project. Because of this, it’s possible to tailor your content to your exact needs. Whether it’s bespoke graphic design, a unique voice over with just the right actor, or delivering multiple versions to benefit different use cases, animation answers your problems.

Speak In Their Language

By using a voice-over, and having subtitles in multiple languages, your message becomes accessible to a wide audience, including those with hearing impairments.

Show Off Your Data

Healthcare is abundant with information, statistics and data. By presenting your all important data in a beautiful way, you can ensure it’s understood and remembered.

Tricks Studio’s video tutorial received 95% positive feedback. The team consistently delivered items on time and demonstrated excellent responsiveness and adaptability to the evolving project needs seamlessly.

Stacey Tyler – Medtrade

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