Bringing cutting-edge recruitment to everyone; from Accountants to Zoologists.

Explainer Animation

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Explaining how Hirecracker are transferring skills from ultra-competitive tech recruitment and bringing them to every sector. Digitising recruitment for everyone; from Accountants to Zoologists.

The Challenge

When the pandemic hit, it changed the landscape of the job market.

Since Searchabiliy’s inception 10 years ago, they’ve been a highly specialised recruiter; solely offering tech recruitment. The world of tech recruitment is fast paced and ultra competitive, meaning it’s ahead of the curve on other industry sectors. They knew they could bring their skills, speed and quality and transfer them to help recruit in alternative markets.

This led to the birth of Hirecracker, an all-encompassing recruitment solution.

Our challenge was to help shape Hirecracker’s vision, mission and values ensuring it had the strength of offering to appeal to a broad target market. It was down to us to help Hirecracker standout from the crowd.


The Solution

To ensure we had the strongest foundations for this project we ran an extensive workshop to understand Hirecracker’s core customers. Wanting to bring their tech-based skill set and essentially revolutionise old, tired, traditional recruitment meant that there was a fair bit of explaining to do. We knew there would be questions from our target audience, and we knew how varied that market was; we needed to satisfy everyone from Accountants to Zoologists.

It was clear that an in-depth explainer animation was required. With Hirecracker being a multi-sector solution and not targeted to one specific industry we knew the biggest challenge would be in communicating with as wide an audience as possible.

We knew we had to grab engagement from the start and developed an intro section that showcased three different businesses of different sizes and sectors that had different problems. The animation would show how all of the problems could be resolved with Hirecracker’s offering.

We majored on showcasing Hirecracker’s USP’s, empathising with the frustrations in the market and highlighting the benefits.

Using our findings from the workshop, we crafted numerous edits of multiple lengths and utilised different voice over artists to appeal to the target clients. As part of the wider marketing strategy, a suite of web banners and print ads were produced.

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