Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Professional video production services by Tricks Studio empower ambitious companies to craft their message, tell their story, and resonate with their audience.

How do you build a stronger connection with your audience?

Ten years ago, having a video in your marketing was a luxury. Five years ago, it became a necessity. Today, you don’t just need a video, you need an engaging, well-produced story with emotion, narrative and personality.

Everyone has a video, and the technology to create “content”. The difference between something that’s seen, and something that’s felt, comes from working with a strategically minded, storytelling expert.

At Tricks, we help ambitious companies craft their message, tell their story, and resonate with their audience. Leading to more impactful communication, higher converting sales materials and greater connection with their audience.

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Why Professional Video Production & Editing Matter?

From engagement and attention to brand enhancement and customer retention, high quality videos deliver optimised results across digital platforms to turbo charge the return on investment from professional video production services.

By working with an expert video production studio, you benefit from a partner that knows the importance of the word engagement. Using video has huge benefits and results when compared to its static counterparts. There are numerous studies showing that video is remembered and retained far longer than text. By engaging your audience properly, they understand more of what you want to tell them.

Ultimately you want to be trusted by your audience. The formula for trust is quite straightforward; they need to see you (i.e. be aware), and you need credibility (i.e. a positive perception). When you have visibility, and credibility, then your audience can trust you.

Video is a perfect tool for brand awareness. You gain SEO benefits as people are on your website longer, you can harness social media whether organic or paid, and you increase accessibility by making your content go further. Whether you’re speaking to people with disabilities, language barriers, or different regions, video is far more accessible than static.

Professional video production sets you apart from your competitors by offering information to help them. It shows your innovation, and your professionalism through a commitment to quality. By using video, you’re massively enhancing your brand’s perception.

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What is Video Production?

Professional video production services ensure a comprehensive and skilled approach, elevating the quality, impact, and effectiveness of video content for any purpose, be it for a commercial, educational video, social media video production, or an event.

Video Production does what it says on the tin. It’s the process, or production, of making a video. It can range from huge cinematic endeavours, making the biggest blockbuster films, through to hitting the record button to capture an aspect of your life.

There are three key stages when it comes to video production. Pre-production, Production, and Post-Production. Sounds quite straightforward! Essentially, before, during and after. We’ll go into detail on these stages further down the page.

You can use video production for a wide range of reasons. You could be looking to entertain, educate, inform or market to your audience. No matter who’s the intended viewer, the process is critical to ensure the final product hits the mark and meets your objectives.

Video is more accessible than ever. The majority of people, especially you reading this article, have access to smartphones with powerful cameras and video functionality. Filming yourself can have merit in certain situations, but ultimately, choosing a professional video production studio leads to a higher quality result, builds that all important credibility with your audience, and strategic content using advanced marketing, behavioural science and editing techniques.

Is professional video editing the ‘icing on the cake’?

Professional video editing services could be called the ‘icing on the cake’ that elevates video content. Our veteran video editors use their expertise and experience to enhance storytelling, ensure visual coherence, optimise pacing, refine audio, and add effects, to ensure the video engages audiences, resulting in impactful, polished, and compelling videos that effectively meet their purpose.

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Working With Us

Partnering with an experienced ISO-certified video production company, that champions a collaborative approach, is the safest bet to ensure outputs meet objectives at every step, from pre-production planning to the shoot, post-production editing to publishing and distribution.

When capturing footage, it’s vital to ensure you get exactly what you need. Getting too much is inefficient and can slow down your timelines, not getting enough means important footage that’s key to the story is missed, and leads to a substandard product.

By working with an ISO 9001 video production company, you can rest assured we have detailed, thorough processes that build efficiently and effectively, and ensure what is delivered meets your objectives.

We use a collaborative process and approach. No one knows your business better than you, so including you as much as possible leads to a great result. There’s dedicated meetings scheduled at the commencement to ensure creative conversions, reviews and feedback are all collaborative.

Initial Consultation

Every project we do at Tricks, and we’ve done over 500+ successful projects, starts with a consultation to outline your vision, your expectations and your requirements. This is captured in the Tricks Creative Brief along with a series of questions designed to extract all the information needed to deliver to your objectives.


Essentially, the planning stage, setting everything up for the actual filming stage. Pre-production consists of, but isn’t limited to, scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, location scouting, scheduling, and general preparation before the camera is set up and “action!” is called. Pre-production is crucial as it sets out the creative concept, strategy via scriptwriting, and directorial decisions like casting, props, locations etc.


This is where the magic happens, so to speak. The production phase contains all of the footage captured, and any other elements that may be included in the final video, like animation, motion graphics, illustration, etc. It includes setting up the location, capturing video and audio recordings, and managing the set including actors. A small crew will consist of a director, camera operator and sound engineer. A large crew includes multiple camera operators, sound engineers, lighting technicians, runners, gaffers, and many more roles.


After the filming is complete, the set is dismantled, and everyone’s gone home, the post-production company kicks into gear. This brings the separate elements of the video, like different shots and scenes, and brings it all together. It involves editing footage, cutting out surplus or unusable sections, adding music, sound effects, visual effects, and anything else that enhances the video. Colour correction and sound mixing is a last step to polish and finalise the video, before specific outputs are tailored to the creative briefs’ requirements. The video is constantly adjusted, ensuring the intended message, emotion and structure is tweaked to the highest quality.

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Our Video Editing Excellence

Professional video editing excellence means a winning combination of technical expertise, creative input, attention to detail, client collaboration, and adherence to quality standards, all working in tandem to produce a final video product that excels.

Post-production is such a vital stage we felt it important to detail even further. As with the wider production process, collaboration is key, with allocated meetings for creative review, discussion and feedback to take place.

Professional video editing is essentially manipulating, cutting and reforming videos to create what we call “shots”. Shots are then selected and combined into “sequences”, and sequences combined into “scenes”. When the scenes are combined, the final video emerges.

Especially when working on larger projects, organisation is vital. Footage is “ingested” into the computer, duplicated into different codecs (formats), made into proxies if necessary (think of these as low-quality clones), and backed up. The footage is then organised depending on the project and the edit. Often footage can be organised by filming day, by actor, by intended scene, camera number, camera lens, camera angle, etc. The organisation is endless, but it hugely speeds up the following stages.


Logging is where footage is reviewed and marked, noting positive and negative sections of the shots. Any missing metadata is added here. So, when looking for a clip of an actor, the footage can be searched based on the metadata containing the actor’s name, for example.

Assembly Edit

The bad parts of the shots are discarded, and the good parts put into an Assembly Edit. This is a rough cut that is a minimum viable product. It’s crucial to work quickly and efficiently, so here the flow of the video is crafted as quickly as possible. The focus here is flow and story, not polish.

Rough Cut

The Rough Cut whittles down the assembly cut, trimming and adjusting as necessary. The story and flow are the guiding principles here, so scenes may change, edit, or move at this stage. Basic audio treatment like soundtracks are also added to enhance the storytelling.

Fine Cut

The Fine Cut is a further layer to discard what isn’t necessary and retain what is. Continuing adjustments are made to ensure the rhythm and pacing of the video is correct, and the story progresses with purpose.

Sound Editing

Sound Editing comes hand-in-hand with the Fine cut and cleans up audio tracks, removes unwanted noise, passes through various filters to ensure the speaker is crystal clear. Sound effects, voiceovers and music are added and finalised.

Colour Correction

Once the story is set, and the “picture is locked”, the video progresses to Colour Correction. Adjustments are made to ensure consistency across different cameras, sets and times of day, where light can massively differ. Any issues with white balance or exposure are cleaned up, so there is a level playing field and a sense of continuity across the video.


When the colour is properly corrected, the video goes to Grading, where any creative treatments are applied. This will influence the look, mood and feeling of the final outcome. This kind of attention to detail sets professional video editing apart.

Effects and Transitions

Effects and Transitions are utilised where needed to help move the audience from shot to shot, scene to scene. Graphics are also added to areas like titles, credits, lower thirds i.e. names, locations, or any information the viewer needs. Motion graphics and animation are key tools for the professional video editor to ensure video content is tailored to meet specific objectives.

Final Export

The final export can take place once all of the above is completed in sequence. It’s exported into necessary specs depending on platform or marketing channel, for instance TV, Social Media, Presentations.

Our Video Production Services

A full-service video production agency like Tricks handles all stages of video production, from concept development to publishing and distribution. From an attention grabbing commercial, social media or product video production, to attention holding explainer video production, professional video production ensures a high-quality end product aligned to your objectives.

Within the service of Video Production & Editing are various sub-services that cater to different audiences and objectives. Whilst they’re offered as individual services, often we work with ambitious companies that combine these into a wider campaign for maximum results.


Commercials grab the audience’s attention quickly, and persuade them to take action, whatever that action needs to be. Commercials create an emotional connection, raise brand awareness and drive sales. Often they use innovative creativity to stand apart. These are largely for companies and brands looking to advertise their products and/or services.

Corporate Videos

The clues in the name; this is for corporations, businesses and organisations looking to communicate with a target audience. Often this is an internal audience, including employees and stakeholders. Corporate videos enhance the companies image (perception), explain products and/or services more effectively, and lead to increased trust and authority (credibility) within a market.

Event Videos

When hosting a large event, its fantastic value to produce video content alongside to promote to potential attendees, or engage attendees once the event has finished. Often the type of events are conferences or trade shows. It can also be used to promote future events, or provide take-home materials to future reference.

Educational Videos

Innovative, ambitious educational businesses know that education has to become engaging to work effectively in the modern world. Whether you’re an educational institution, or training / e-learning company, creating digestible, memorable education is vital for success. Education can also be delivered on-demand, and can be referred back to, which is especially important with complex topics.

Explainer Videos

The explainer video is a simple and effective way to communicate complex ideas. This often leads to increased understanding and higher conversion rates. Explainer videos are suited to a wide range of businesses from start-ups to blue chip companies. They work brilliantly for businesses with complicated processes or offerings.

Product Demos

Often, purchasing decisions are most effective when the customer is educated and knowledgeable about the product, especially features and benefits. A product demo offers a showcase of the product, helping the customer to understand, leading to improved customer satisfaction and reduced returns.

Social Media Videos

Any organisation will benefit from being visible and credible on social media. A brand seeking to build a community should be maximising on the potential that social media offers. Creating content, especially shareable content, will increase brand visibility and engagement.

Testimonial Videos

Trust, through credibility and visibility, is one of the most important factors for purchasing. What better way to build trust than to put happy, satisfied customers in front of a camera to talk about their positive experience. This is called ‘social proof’, and can be a powerful influence on the decision making process.

Animated Videos

When looking to do something slightly different to your competition, explaining a complicated video, or trying to produce a video around something typically difficult to film, animation is your answer. When video was a novelty a decade ago, putting someone in front of a camera was enough, it was new and exciting. A decade later, when video content is abundant, you need to do something slightly different to keep your audience excited and engaged. Look no further than an animated video to tell your story.

From commercial video production that converts, to engaging social media videos, explainer video production that captivates, to informative event videos and more, the team of veterans at Tricks have a proven track record of harnessing the power of exceptional video content as a key tool in a winning campaign.

Tricks Studio did everything from the storyboard to complete delivery, including the scripts. The creative treatments were incredibly well translated and executed; they were brilliant

Lynne Wood – DLC Communications

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Investing in professional video production and editing is investing in the strength of your message and your connection with your audience.

Your story only becomes compelling when it’s told in a dynamic and vibrant way. When it compels your audience, it’s remembered.

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