Our Process

Our Process

When it comes to crafting successful animations, the magic truly lies in the method. We champion a well-defined, comprehensive process that not only sets the stage for brilliant storytelling, but also assures an efficient, quality-focused trajectory towards your outcome. Our approach provides you with clarity, offers a structured roadmap, and manages the project’s scope and cost.

Our creative process is more than a succession of steps; it’s an engaging journey that begins with understanding your vision and ends with an outcome that resonates with your audience. Each phase, from concept to delivery, is meticulously planned and executed. This ensures your project benefits from optimal efficiency, the highest quality control, and a transparent, collaborative environment. Our process becomes the beacon that guides your project, leading it safely through the exciting, dynamic world of animation towards a successful completion. Our process works as a guide to unlocking creativity and translating into impactful and memorable visual narratives.

1. We strategise

The success of the project starts right at the beginning. By outlining and clarifying our objectives and
briefs we can steer the project to ensure the deliverables meet the requirements.

Keeping the project on track is vital, so at the on-boarding stage we will agree and fix the production
timelines and put in place key meeting invites to hold time for presentations and review meetings.

Our strategy workshop ensures we know exactly who you are, and the audience you’re trying to
speak with.

Our Process
Our Process

2. We find references

The world is filled with brilliant, beautiful and impactful creative work. We dig deep through our libraries,
gather our inspiration and amass a stockpile of styles that we think work with your project.

We bring this all together into a mood board which allows us to align creatively before any design
time starts.

When we’ve identified likes, dislikes and everything inbetween, we hone in on a style that meets the
brief, and works within the guidelines of your brand.

Our Process
Our Process

3. We design

Each phase optimises the work and time spent in the following phase. The design phase has the most
steps and review points to make the production phase as efficient as possible.

We work up a script that has the right balance of narrative, information and education and lay it out into
a Flow Storyboard to show how it works over the medium of time.

A handful of frames from the Flow Storyboard are designed using the style agreed from the Mood Board
and create what we call a Style Frame.

Our Process
Our Process

4. We produce

The production phase is the most time intensive phase. Beautiful animation and motion come from
detail and nuiance. We take the Final Storyboard and start to map it out along with a VoiceOver and
music to guide the audience through the piece.

Once we have a first draft (or animatic as we call it) we check in again to make sure everything is coming
together as expected.

After the green light, we put on our headphones, dial up the music and start working our magic tricks
crafting memorable moments of movement into the project.

Our Process
Our Process
Our Process
Our Process