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Professional Logo Animation - Making Your Brand Move

Professional Logo Animation

Exceptional logo animation design by Tricks Studio sets ambitious brands apart. In a crowded marketplace, where good design is no longer a differentiator, a standout animated logo will grab and hold your target audience’s eye so your brand can not only be seen but also heard.

People buy brands, not products.

What better way to convey your brand’s presence and essence, than by animating your most crucial and public asset – your logo.

Every company these days has a logo, some companies have a brand (drop me an email if you’re not sure of the difference), and few companies have brands brought to life through animation. By investing in your brand, you’re enriching your community of followers, and separating yourself from the pack.

Whether you’re looking to convey professionalism and brand perception, capture attention through brand awareness, or keep people watching you for longer, improving engagement and conversion; an animated motion logo can help elevate you to the next level.

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The Importance of Logo Animation

Add an all-important layer of visual interest and engagement to your logo, with dynamic animation and motion, to make sure your branding doesn’t just make an impression but also brings your brand’s story to life in an instant.

A potential customer is judging your brand from the first second they see it. Subconsciously forming perceptions and opinions on who you are and what you do. They’re assessing your credibility, trustworthiness and value to them from that very first interaction. Making a lasting, positive first impression is crucial for any brand.

Our brains are wired to respond to movement and stories. By bringing your logo to life through animation, the chances it’s remembered rather than forgotten, greatly increase. Not only are you conveying your brand’s essence, you’re leaving a lasting memory with your potential customers.

There are loads of statistics to evidence that videos are hugely powerful when it comes to recall and understanding, but put simply, people don’t read things anymore. Think about yourself, your friends and family; do you still read a newspaper, a book for entertainment or a textbook for knowledge? Or do you catch headlines online, watch Netflix and learn from YouTube? Your customers are exactly the same.

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Our Logo Animation Expertise

Partnering with a proven animation agency is the safest bet to ensure your animated assets meet objectives every step of the way.

Having delivered over 500+ projects since being established in 2019, we’ve turned our hands to many animated logos. From working with branding agencies bringing new brands to market, through to adding the extra bit of sizzle onto a explainer video, we’re well versed in taking your logo to the next level.

We work across a wide range of animated services and styles, from 2D animation to 3D logos, through motion graphics, kinetic typography, explainer videos, character animation and much more.

Why work with us?

Partner with a veteran team with over 30 years collective experience, as committed to collaboration as they are to concrete proven processes, to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment in logo and branding design.

Why brands prefer animated logo design with Tricks?

Brand Storytellers

We’re experts in driving genuine attention for our customers. We offer unique, tailored animations that capture and convey your brand message. Our ISO 9001 certification proves we have the quality and the process to exceed your goals.

Diverse Client Base

We have a long list of happy clients and successful logo design and animated branding projects under our belt. Our team of experienced professionals can help with strategy, design and animation to take your logo and bring it to life. Working with an animation studio with a diverse client base, you gain a fresh perspective to your brand.

Value Engineers

By offering competitive and flexible pricing, you can unlock long-term return on your investment through increased brand recognition and customer loyalty. Our creative briefing process extracts all the information and requirements, and ensures the project will be cost-effective and value orientated.

Partnering Agency

Throughout the process we’ll have clear milestone meetings to keep aligned on turning your vision into a deliverable. We offer various additional services, and ensure a seamless experience from commencement to final delivery.

Customised Logo Animation Process

An expertly crafted bespoke animated logo design infuses personality, conveying emotion, energy, and style through motion, to help shape a memorable perception of your brand.

Initial Consultation

The journey starts with an initial inquiry and consultation to uncover your objectives, goals and vision. Once the creative brief is completed, any requirements or specifications for the project will be understood. From this, a custom proposal is created for you to outline scope of work, timelines, costs and any additional services.


Once the previous stage is satisfactory and approved, the conceptual stage commences. Any existing brand materials, inspiration, and/or references are gathered and supplied and the creative process begins.


A storyboard is crafted, outlining all key moments throughout the logo animation, and presents ideas and narratives for your review. This goes hand-in-hand with style frames, which show the proposal creative treatment for a sneak peak at final quality.


Based on the approved storyboard and styleframes, the design of all elements proceeds. Every element required is created to ensure the animators have everything they need to bring the story to life.

Through motion graphics, 2D and/or 3D animation, the storyboard is brought to life by our animators. Movement is crafted, easing tweaked, and keyframes are polished.


When the final sequence(s) are satisfactory and meet your approval, the final deliverables are exported to the various specifications and requirements outlined in the original creative brief. You’ll be provided with various formats suitable for web, advertising, any other media requested, and with usage guidelines (if necessary).

Project Management

Throughout the project, you’ll have a dedicated project manager responsible for keeping the work on track both in regards to time and budget. There’ll be various meetings at milestone events to ensure there is scheduled time for review, feedback and revision.

After delivery, and into the future, we’re always on hand for any on-going support, or future adaptations to ensure your logo animation stays current and up to date.

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Tricks Studio was very easy to work with and communicated well.

Gareth Roberts – Orientation Marketing

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Your logo is a symbol that marks a community of followers, a tribe.

It’s something for them to get behind, display with pride and confidence. By utilising logo animation, you transform your static logo into a moving, living ambassador for your brand.

Don’t just be seen, be truly noticed and remembered. You don’t need a logo animation, you need to ignite a connection with every potential customer.

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