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Explainer Videos: Be seen, be understood, be remembered.

Explainer Videos

Explainer video production is powerful communication tool for today’s crowded digital environments. Explainers excel at simplifying complex concepts and telling memorable stories. From visual appeal, increased engagement and concise communication to narrative storytelling, with personality, versatility and impact, the benefits of exceptional explainer video production are numerous.

For a viewer to take action, they need to understand what you’re trying to tell them.

Everyone’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter, and the modern world is becoming inherently more complex as time rolls on.

An explainer video does quite literally what it says on the tin. It explains a subject matter whether that’s to inform, educate or advertise. Often, they work best there’s a need to explain complex ideas simply and quickly. For people to remember your message, you need to make it simple, concise and clear.

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What’s the value of a professional explainer video?

Adapt to Modern Marketing

Explainer videos help you work smarter, not harder. It’s not just a numbers game of spreading your message far and wide, you need to ensure that message is being digested by your audience.

Supercharge ROI

Explainer videos bring great value to your marketing budget. An engaged audience is more likely to act, whether that’s conversion or compliance.

Win More Business

Win More Business: By bringing clarity to your offering, with marketing and advertising explainers you get pre-qualified and better suited leads. When someone understands the difference between you and the crowd, they can purchase more effectively.

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Why Invest in Explainer Videos

Videos don’t just help your audience understand your products and services, they help websites too. SEO performance can be improved by using videos, as Google and others prioritise engaging content. Explainer videos also keep people on your page longer (sat back and engaged), which then signals to the search engines that your content of value.

Explainer Videos are extremely versatile and can be deployed across various channels like websites, social media, email campaigns, even webinars or online events. This brings engagement, but also consistency across your marketing efforts.

Not only do explainer videos give your content a polished and professional look, enhancing brand credibility, but they can have an extremely long shelf life. Through easy updates, they can be repurposed for future content, spreading your investment over a longer-term, maximising value. No more expensive re-shoots!

Animated explainer videos are highly effective in communicating complex ideas or simply to get your messages absorbed. Key benefits that make animated explainers so popular for education, training or employee communications include simplification of complex concepts, visual appeal, increased engagement and storytelling with accessibility, personality and impact. As a marketing tool, advertising explainer videos are invaluable for conveying brand personality, whilst informing on key features or USP’s, with easily measurable impact, to name just a few advantages.

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How Our Motion Graphics Resonate with Your Needs

Feel assured that your complex information will be presented in a digestible and memorable way to your audience, whether they’re prospects or stakeholders. By communicating clearly and authentically, you’ll build trust as you’re entertaining. Once your audience truly understands and engages with the message, they’ll feel empowered to make informed decisions surrounding your call to action.

Your audience will feel respected when presented with a short, dedicated video to help them in their decision making. By crafting effective messaging, utilising clear, professional voice over narration and incorporating strong CTAs you’ll guide your viewer smoothly to a decision.

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Why choose explainer video production with Tricks?


We have years of experience – 20 to be precise – delivering explainer video projects to clients internationally. You can rest easy knowing your project is being looked after by experts who solve challenges like yours daily.


Feel supported at every step of the project, knowing our dedicated team is committed to your satisfaction. There’s on-going support, milestone check-ins and open lines of communication with your project director throughout the production process and beyond.


Our portfolio demonstrates we can work across all industries, from the corporate through to the quirky. By working with an explainer video company with a diverse client base, you gain a fresh perspective to think slightly outside of the norm. Our premium quality, backed by our ISO 9001 certification, means you get the best of both worlds; creative and process-led.

From training and educational explainer videos to explain processes, to social media explainers with capability to go viral, or marketing explainers to inform on key product or service benefits, explainer videos are a preferred communication tool for the digital world for good reason.

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Addressing Potential Concerns Head-On

Partnering with a proven ISO-certified video explainer video agency, championing a collaborative approach, is the surest bet to ensure your explainer videos are aligned with objectives, from discovery workshops to animation and sequencing, video editing to publishing and campaign integration.

Affordability and Uncertain ROIs

We provide a cost-effective solution and will always try to engineer as much value from the budget as possible. By letting us know your comfort zone, we can devise strategies to make your budget work hard, and smart.

Time Commitment from Your Team

Throughout our years of trading, and ISO 9001 certification, we’ve honed an efficient production process designed to respect your time. We’ll always produce a Gantt chart to show exactly what happens and when, and book in milestone and alignment meetings as part of our onboarding phase. By working collaboratively we’ll ensure there’s enough time for reviews, feedback and amendments.

Working With Your Brand & Audience

Through strategic thinking and workshopping we’ll understand who you are, where you’re headed and what you stand for. We’ve worked on over 500+ projects, and we’re well-versed working within brand guidelines, not matter if they’re big or small. Combine this with market research and insights, and we’re able to deliver effective, engaging videos.

How Much Do I Need To Do?

We’re strong believers that collaboration is key. We welcome feedback at regular milestones throughout the process, and we’ll always agree review stages to ensure you have time to sit and digest, not just react. However, many ambitious companies we work with need us to fly solo for parts of the process, so we’re more than capable to take this problem off your desk, and onto ours!

Staying Relevant

An Explainer Video is an investment that can stay relevant for a long period, even longer with some small changes as time goes on. Our experts live and breathe our industry, meaning we can identify trends in technology and creativity, ensuring you’re relevant, not trendy. We’ll position you as a forward-thinking leader, not just part of the pack.

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Our Motion Graphics Expertise

As a full-service video production agency, the experts at Tricks work in partnership with you at every step of the explainer video production process. From discovery workshops, storyboarding and scriptwriting, to voiceovers, illustration and motion graphics design, through distribution and localisation, the path to exceptional creative assets is a breeze with a collaborative studio. From attention-grabbing sales explainers to viral social media explainers, communicative training explainers, to impactful corporate explainer videos, partner with an ISO-certified agency ensures your creative assets are not only entertaining but closely aligned with objectives.

Scriptwriting and storyboarding

Often, a client of ours will come with a script ready written, but the majority of the time we’re called upon to adapt existing resources into something that works for an explainer video. Whether you’re the former or the latter, we’ll put our wordsmiths to work on what you have, and ensure it hits home with your audience. Then we work up detailed storyboards to show how these words play out over time, and styleframes to give you a sneak peak at the final look and feel before production.

Voiceover Talent Casting

We have a roster of talented, professional voices to suggest for the perfect accompaniment to your explainer video. Differing accents, languages and styles will resonate with different audiences, so it’s a crucial step (if a voiceover’s part of the requirement). The right voice will stand you apart from the competition, and reinforce your brand identity.

Custom Illustration

To speak authentically as your brand, we may need to bring in the illustration team to develop custom characters, icons and visual elements. Many companies we work with have these as part of their brand guidelines, but equally we’re often tasked with pushing brands further, or evolving them within the explainer video process.

Interactive Videos

Taking explaining to the next level means deploying interactive elements like clickable links, quizzes and embedded forms. This draws the viewer in further, encourages action and participation (leading to further engagement) and provides a framework for tracking whether the information is digested and remembered.

Social Media Adaptations

Creating an explainer to sit on your website is a key deliverable to hit your objectives. There may be value and merit in expanding the reach for use within paid or organic social.

Localised Content and Translation

When a video performs to its highest ability is when it’s speaking the audience’s languages. One of the many advantages to an animated explainer video is that the text can easily be swapped for translated variants. We can localise content to location, meaning when it’s seen, it feels more authentic than generic. Over the years we’ve developed an efficient system for handling multiple languages, meaning we’re not keying in different languages manually, saving time and budget.

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Step-by-Step: Our Creation Process

Working with an experienced ISO-certified explainer video production company, that champions a collaborative approach, is the safest bet to ensure creative outputs meet objectives at every step. From discovery and concept development to graphics, animation and sound design, through post-production editing and distribution publishing, a veteran team with over 500 successful productions on the showreel has what it takes to maximise your explainer video investment.

1. Initial Consultation

At the start of any project we need to understand the audience, requirements and objectives. We extract this information from you in our standardised creative briefing form, and delve deeper through strategy workshopping if required. This ensures your goals are exceeded.

2. Concept Development

Your vision is transformed into a compelling narrative that captures attention and resonates. From concepts and art direction, through to scripting and tone of voice.

3. Design

Once your message is finalised, the design team set to work visualising the narrative through storyboarding and styleframes. The storyboard lays out key moments (or frames) in the explainer, showcasing exactly what happens and when. The styleframes show the final creative treatment and give you a glimpse at the mood and feeling the explainer will have.

4. Animation

Upon approval of creative treatment and storyboard, the elements are brought to life through thoughtful animation. Striking the balance between underwhelming or overwhelming the audience is a careful job, but we know how to make it work. We direct the eyes exactly where they need to be, and highlight important information throughout the video.

5. Sound Design & Voiceover

Having the right voice to represent your brand is key to the final piece. Accents, dialect, language and tone all influence the way a sentence is heard (A panda eats, shoots, and leaves!). Emotional and persuasive language is delivered subtly through a professional voice, and we have a roster of voices perfect for your project. The animation is given a layer of realism by crafting sounds that react with movement, further engaging the audience.

6. Delivery & Distribution

When the hero version is crafted, we’ll optimise your video for various marketing channels and platforms where required. Making something work for social has it’s own nuances compared to email or web, and we’ll make sure the message is delivered cross-channel.

Tricks Studio’s expertise in producing animated videos stood out to us

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Using an explainer video amplifies your message to your audience, building a bridge that connects your brand to your target.

There are myriad benefits to investing in an explainer outlined above, but ultimately it becomes a cornerstone of your digital presence.

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Together, let’s simplify and elevate your message for a lasting impression.

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