Launching an innovative recruitment and employer brand subscription service

Searchability, one of the top tech recruiters in the UK, looked to us to launch their Scalability platform. A unique offering aimed at businesses looking to grow their tech teams at an accelerated pace.

The challenge

Scalability as a company wanted to do something a bit different to the rest of their industry. Tech recruitment is an ultra-competitive space and they wanted to stand out from their competitors.

There was no brand in place for the company as it was a completely new offering meaning there was more to this than just the typical explainer animation. We needed to consider audience, customer personas, creative look and feel as well as tone of voice.

We started with our most important goal; understanding who the audience was, what made them tick and most importantly, where can we find them?

After conducting thorough client persona and positioning workshops we crafted numerous audience profiles. This approach enabled us to design effective communications for the exact client we wanted to attract.

The solution

Our strategy workshop confirmed that the backbone of this project was to explain, in the most straightforward way possible, the benefits of using the Scalability service. It is completely new to the market and therefore needed an education piece above all.

We were trying to appeal to time-poor business owners, managers and decision makers, and as such we knew motion graphics would be the best way to retain viewers and get genuine engagement and understanding.

The brief was to create a campaign that was edgy and disruptive yet not alienating. We crafted a script and a brand for Scalability to meet these criteria. From there we had the structure for a 5 minute explainer animation, that could be broken down into a smaller suite for other marketing channels.

Using our findings from the workshop, we crafted numerous edits of multiple lengths and utilised different voice over artists to appeal to the target clients. As part of the wider marketing strategy, a suite of web banners and print ads were produced.