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Explainer Animation

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Bringing together two distinct and different target audiences into a single explainer video.

The Challenge

In 2022 the UK Tech industry is in crisis. There simply aren’t enough skilled and experienced candidates to meet the ever-increasing demands of the tech industry. The solution Klickstarters are getting behind is to help place graduates and early career candidates to help meet those demands.

The standard graduate route is to be enticed to large companies where they may not get the best opportunities to develop and flourish in their careers. Employers who aren’t the big, standardised options aren’t visible to candidates who are starting their careers and may be missing out on the next generation of candidates.

Klickstarters, the graduate arm of Searchability, wants to change the stereotypical view of the job hunt. They’re helping companies showcase their unique proposition to stand out from the traditional grad programmes.

In turn they’ll also show graduates that they don’t always need to go to the big tech firms to start their careers. Oh, and there’s a few perks for all when using an award-winning recruiter to help bridge the gap between all parties.


The Solution

It was clear from our initial conversations and workshops; we had 2 very defined, very different audiences to appeal to here. Creating a seperate explainer for each audience wasn’t an option as it felt at worst divisive and best, unclear. One of our two persona’s were inexperienced graduates who have either never had a job, or are early on that journey. They only really know of a handful of giant organisations that bombard university job fete’s and potentially aren’t aware of the role an award-winning, specialised recruiter can play for them. The other audience are the people who need to hire; and they’re frustrated. They can’t get candidates due to demand, and they’re short on time, having to find and vet candidates themselves, and be responsible for every part of the process.

It was our number one priority to align these audiences as closely as possible as the majority of their pain points were mutual. We worked on a split-screen animation to show how Klickstarters benefits both parties on the same themes, but from different perspectives. This was designed to help build trust, authenticity and honesty around Klickstarters role between candidates and their future employers.

The second intention of the split-screen style was to keep the animation length to a minimum whilst delivering a huge amount of complex, but value-dense information. We know attention spans are shorter than ever, especially with the younger target audience, so it was critical for us to deliver a high-paced explainer animation.

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