Using 2D Motion Graphics Design to Cut through the Noise and Demystify SEO for Aqueous Digital

Using 2D Motion Graphics Design to Cut through the Noise and Demystify SEO for Aqueous Digital

SEO is an industry that many have heard of, but few understand. Our client, Aqueous Digital, wanted to shine a light on who they help, how they help, and why they’re a bit different.

Aqueous Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Cheshire, UK. They bring attention to their clients’ businesses through paid search (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Reputation Management.

SEO is a nuanced industry that constantly changes at the hands of the big internet search engines. It’s highly technical and often sold alongside web services to non-technical buyers. Results can take months, if not years to realise, and as such, working with the right provider is crucial for success.

Aqueous approached Tricks Studio to help showcase exactly what they do for their clients, what their methodology is, and why they’re a bit different to the other players in their market. We knew they’d be perfect for an Animated Explainer video.

Challenges and Goals

Aqueous faced a few key challenges when starting their sales cycles with prospective buyers:

1. The world of SEO is filled with technical jargon like algorithms, backlinks, longtail. It’s easy to be confused and overwhelmed.

2. It’s a competitive industry with many different players, how do they build trust with their audience and differentiate from the competition?

3. Results are not immediate, it’s a long term investment. Companies were weary from having negative experiences previously, or aware of the time commitment before being able to evaluate their provider.

4. There are many different strategies for attempting SEO; how do they champion their methodology?

Aqueous knew they wanted something a bit special as part of their approach with prospective clients. They wanted a tool that could inform their prospects, but also engage and help persuade them.

They needed something that would resonate with their audience.

Aqueous Digital

Strategy and Implementation

Enter the solution: Custom Animation for SEO.

Knowing the complex subject matter, and the wide demographic range of their target audience, an explainer animation would be the perfect addition to their arsenal.

The animation would be used on their website in specific landing pages, as part of proposal presentations from the sales team and on social media in shortened snippets.

The versatility that an animation provides, along with the ability to simplify complex topics, made it the perfect solution to their challenge.

Tricks Studio, known for their High-Quality Video Content Creation, met with Aqueous to discuss the brief and recommended using a voiceover as over 50% more information is retained when both watching and listening. Tricks then presented moodboards and styleframes that worked within Aqueous’ brand guidelines, before moving on to storyboards to help explain the narrative.

Follow this link to understand more about the various steps that take place within an animation production, and why we’ve been ISO 9001 certified for our project management capabilities.

After watching the animation, prospects were equipped with a clear understanding of Aqueous’ “who, what, where, when and why”. They were not just informed; they were engaged, convinced, and ready to take the next steps.

Aqueous Digital
Aqueous Digital

Their communication was very strong — the team was highly responsive and kept us updated on the project’s progress. Overall, they managed the entire project very efficiently and in a professional manner as part of their Professional Video Production service. I would absolutely recommend Tricks Studio to anyone who wants to produce an animated video that projects what their business or campaign is all about. Their team truly knows their stuff and excels in Creative 2D Animation Solutions.

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Lessons Learned and Conclusion

What are our key takeaways for the success of this project?

Be Genuine: Building authentic trust throughout a sales process is not only crucial for success, but challenging.

Keep it Simple: A viewer has to understand the message they’re presented with to stand a chance of remembering it.

Eyes and Ears: Using audio (voiceover) as well as visuals to explain can massively increase retention of the information.

Adapt to the Audience: Showcasing your message in different formats for different purposes (presentations vs social) will boost performance.

If you’ve got a complex message, product, or service that you’re having to explain again-and-again to your prospects, or even your customer base, consider using 2D Video Animation for Businesses to do the hard yards for you.

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