Translating Complexity into Creativity: A B2B Tech Explainer Animation Case Study

There are moments when we are handed the exciting challenge of converting simplicity into innovation. One such instance was our recent project with a B2B technology platform company. While their services were technical and complex, their brand was simple and undeveloped. Our task was to create an engaging explainer animation for their website, a challenge we were thrilled to embrace.

The challenge

In the competitive tech space, simplifying complexity is often the key to effective communication. When a B2B technology platform company approached us, their challenge was twofold: a complex range of services and an underdeveloped brand.

The task at hand was to distil their intricate, technical services into a clear, engaging explainer animation for their website. This was a unique challenge – bridging the gap between their simple branding and the complicated tech landscape they operated within.

Operating within a fiercely competitive tech environment, the challenge wasn’t just the complexity of their services. The tech sector is well-known for its widespread use of jargon and abstract concepts, which, while familiar to industry insiders, can be a barrier to others. To add to this, the client’s existing branding was at a nascent stage – simple, basic, and in need of development. This combination of factors amplified the challenge.

We saw that the task wasn’t merely to create an explainer video; it was to reinvent the brand’s visual language while also making their services easily understandable to their target audience.

iO 2023

The solution

To rise to this challenge, we employed a two-pronged strategy.

Firstly, we developed a comprehensive campaign playbook. The playbook began with an in-depth analysis of the brand’s target audience and personas. Understanding who we were speaking to was paramount to ensure the message wouldn’t just reach them but resonate with them. We then designed a visual style for the campaign, drawing on mood boards and key visuals, focusing on typography, colour, image art direction, and graphical elements.

The campaign playbook was an exploratory journey. It gave us the creative license we needed to experiment and innovate, allowing us to quickly refine our approach in collaboration with the client. The result was a stronger, more developed brand identity that lent itself seamlessly to the animation we were creating.

Secondly, we addressed the complexity of the client’s services by translating them into a simple, digestible format. We wanted their audience to quickly understand what the client did and how they did it without being bogged down by industry-specific jargon. We mirrored this simplicity in the animation’s visuals. By combining both these approaches, we managed to produce an explainer animation that was both clear and engaging, embodying the refined brand identity we had collaboratively shaped with the client.

iO 2023
iO 2023

The results

The results? An explainer animation that successfully combined simplicity and innovation. But more than that, we received an outpouring of positive feedback from the client.

As one stakeholder shared, “Guys this is feeling great thank you so much for pulling out the stops to get this over.” The animation not only became a proud feature on the company’s website but also found its place in exhibitions and proposal documents, assisting the client to stand out in their competitive market and prospect new businesses.

iO 2023

We are reminded through this project that confidentiality is a trust exercise. As with most of our clients, we were bound by non-disclosure agreements for this project, but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm or our ability to produce outstanding work. Instead, it reminded us of the importance of trust as a pillar of our partnerships.

Looking back, we see a project that challenged us, drove us, and ultimately reinforced our ability to innovate within constraints. We can’t wait for the next challenge, to push the boundaries of creativity once again, and in the process, help our clients transform their brands.

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iO 2023
iO 2023
iO 2023

“Guys this is feeling great! Thank you so much for pulling out the stops to get this over.”

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