Five reasons your business needs custom animated videos

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Eager to entice your audience?

With imaginative, original, and captivating custom animated video content, you can make your brand instantly more memorable and engaging.

Below, we explore the definition of a custom animated video and highlight five compelling reasons why businesses should be investing in this popular type of content.

What is a custom animated video?

A custom animated video simply refers to the creation of unique, animated video content that has been specially designed to meet a particular marketing goal of a business or brand.

A key part of custom animated video content is the sheer amount of creativity and originality. What is produced is unique, and cannot be found elsewhere.

This type of content often features eye-catching visuals, computer-generated imagery, and motion graphics that help to bring the custom video to life.

Animated video content can also be more effective than the non-animated alternative when it comes to boosting click-through rates (CTR), enquiries, and conversions.

A custom animated explainer video, for example, can help your target audience to understand how to get the most out of a product or service using easy-to-understand animated diagrams.

Why you need custom animated video

Keen to create your very own custom animated explainer video or still weighing up the pros and cons? To help you determine whether this is the right route for your business, we take a look at the five most important reasons businesses should be considering custom animated video content.

Offers full control

With custom animated videos, you’ll have complete control from start to finish. Regardless of whether you’re working with an in-house team or an independent design agency like us, you should have an initial concept meeting to discuss the look, feel, and the kind of story you want to tell using the medium of custom animation and motion graphics.

Instead of using a ready-made template or concept, this bespoke brainstorming process ensures more original ideas and results can be achieved.

Once a clear approach has been decided, some primary sketches, scripts, and storyboards can be developed, providing you with your first glimpse of the finished custom animated video content.

Custom designs can be repurposed

Once you’ve created custom animated video content, you’ll then be able to reuse certain components, themes, or templates from this content in any other content you decide to produce.

Regardless of whether you want to include them in internal presentations or give them a permanent home on your website, there’ll be yours to use, adding a personal touch when promoting your business.

Delivers a unique style

When it comes to standing out from the crowd of animation videos and other types of commercial videos, custom content cannot be beaten. A custom animated video ensures the final product is as unique as your business.

One of the easiest ways to add a unique feel to your custom animated video is to use a fresh voice-over actor. This will help to prevent your audience from aligning your brand with another business the actor has previously worked with, literally giving your brand its own exclusive voice.

Includes extra detail

One of the biggest issues businesses face when using non-customised animated video content is getting the details right. Fortunately, custom animated videos provide them with the opportunity to include as much detail, additional components, and memorable movement as they want.

This makes custom animated videos the ideal medium for more complex businesses that want (or need) to put greater thought into the way they explain their products and/or services.

Specific designs can also be created to match existing branding when you choose to take a custom approach to producing your video content.

Drives traffic and builds brand awareness

It’s no secret that original animated video content is a real people-pleaser. As one of the most entertaining video types, it’s only natural that you should see a rise in audience engagement and brand recognition following the release of a unique animated video.

However, online users aren’t alone in their love of new and fresh content – search engines like Google can’t get enough of it either! By frequently updating your website with original content like custom animated videos, search engines can play an important role in helping your business to garner new traffic.

Why choose Tricks Studio?

Here at Tricks Studio, we’ve helped countless clients achieve their marketing and wider business goals with our custom animated video service. This popular animation service is ideal for communicating key messages, educating your target audience, and solidifying your brand.

Wondering how we’re different to any other animation and motion graphics design agency? Hailed as responsive, creative, flexible, and communicative by many of our valued clients, we get to know your business inside out.

Our team of creative professionals is highly-experienced, having worked alongside B2B and B2C businesses of all shapes and sizes.

From concept to final production, we combine the art of storytelling with strategic thinking, helping you to form a deeper, more effective connection with your audience.

To learn more about the way we work and examples of our custom animated video content, feel free to explore our case study hub and testimonial page.

Keen to learn more about custom animated videos and how they can help your business go from strength to strength? Simply give us a call on 01244 560 537.

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Five reasons your business needs custom animated videos

Gordon Barry

31 July 2023

4 minutes read