Animation and Motion Graphics

As a motion design studio, we use animation and motion graphics to convey complex ideas and thought provoking messaging.

Ideas, feelings and emotions can be communicated in an effective and powerful manner through moving content. Deploying Motion graphics into a campaign elevates your message and increases its engagement. It can also have other, less tangible results such as increasing your brands reach, awareness and perception.

What is Animation and Motion Graphics?
Animation and Motion Graphics

Animation as a term can be a can of worms.

It can also be referred to as ‘Motion Design’, and really there are endless variants and versions. From a top level, animation describes a technique of creating the illusion of movement through a series of drawings or models. This isn’t limited to the realm of pen and paper – animation can be at its most effective when using 3D, either by itself or combined with 2D content.

Animations tend to focus on storytelling whereas Motion Graphics are the moving version of it’s sister discipline – Graphic Design.

Think of Motion Graphics as educational/informative and Animation as emotive. Though, the lines can (and often do) blur. Animation (or even Video) is the umbrella term for many different services, including explainer videos, TV commercials and social media video production. Linguistics aside, we love all forms of video creation.

The best way to establish what work you’d like doing is by giving us a call.

How much does an Animation / Motion Graphics video cost?
Animation and Motion Graphics

The most important thing to remember is that motion design is a key instrument in your toolbox; an investment in your audience. You’re producing your content for your audience’s benefit, so make it memorable. Every animation is different, which means there’s no template pricing list we can follow.

In the creative industry you’ll find a big range of prices and standards of animation videos. You can find a single sole-trader who can make you a cheap and cheerful video, or you could approach one of the ‘Big Four’ agencies with global offices and a battalion of staff across multiple disciplines.

At Tricks, we price ourselves competitively and streamline our processes to get you the best value for your money. That means you’ll receive high-end work for mid-level pricing.

We’re a small and talented team with high standards for our work, so we’re dedicated to producing outstanding animations for our clients. We don’t have entire departments of excess sat around waiting impatiently, but we do have a core team of experts ready to scale up. This allows us to be agile and lean for our client’s benefits.

The following things will impact the budget to set
aside for your video:

Animation and Motion Graphics


A clear vision of your problem will help align everybody at the start of the process.


Do you have a story ready to tell, or do you need the help of some of our wordsmiths to help shape the script?

Live Footage

From a solitary camera operator through to directors, DOPs and gaffers; filming real people in real places can add to the price.

Animated Content

Are you thinking of a character based animation or mostly icons and copy? Do you want 2D or 3D animation, or a mix?


Remember, whilst more content can add more work - and therefore time - to your project, it’s not a linear scale and can be affected by other factors such as creative styling and project timeframes.

Narration/Voice Over

Do you have a voiceover and a script? If you want someone famous (maybe that guy off the X-Factor) to do your voiceover or feature in the final video then you’ll need to allow extra budget.


George Lucas once said “Audio is 50% of the experience”, so getting the sonics sorted is a key factor in a successful and engaging project.


Usage rights and licensing can quickly change the scope of the project. Do you need clearance for multi-territory TV slots, or is this an internal-only production?


Who are the stakeholders in this project? If you’re getting final sign-off from a committee then that could delay the project and increase production costs.

How long does an animation / motion graphics video take to produce?

A lot of the points above will impact both production budgets and timelines. If you’re coming prepared with your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed, then you’re maximising the efficiency of the process. That being said, we love to get stuck in and help create the discourse and structure of an animated piece, so there’s no right or wrong approach. Before we kick things off, we’ll be transparent about our anticipated timelines and where the time we’ve allocated will be utilised.

What does the animation process look like?
Animation and Motion Graphics

Typically there are two halves to a motion project:

Pre-Production – Animation is full of intricate details and carefully synced moments. To ensure the time is spent in the areas that are most beneficial, it’s important that we iron out all the paperwork and start off on the right track. Then, we can help with the script and visual direction (where needed). Starting with the strongest possible foundations will pay dividends down the line.

Production – This is the fun part where we roll up our design sleeves and start to solve those pesky problems. We’ll work with your brand identity to create some style frames (a.k.a mood boards for motion designers) for your approval. Then we can start to animate the piece. This is an ultra-secret mix of caffeine, potted plants and German techno. We work in an underground lab accessed via a washing machine trapdoor… No, wait, that’s Breaking Bad isn’t it.

“With the global expansion of our brand, we engaged Tricks to help us strategically evolve our brand identity and voice. The project and process was a true collaboration. Given Tricks’ extensive expertise and passion for our brand, we continue to work with them on creative asset needs for digital campaign launches.”

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Chief Brand Officer, Fhitting Room

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