Video production and editing

Video production and editing

Instantly impress your clients, show off your products in detail, explain your services and create compelling social media campaigns with a helping hand from video production services.

What is video production and editing?

Video production and editing encapsulate the capturing of live footage and post-production editing stages of a video. However, video production is a bit of a pesky umbrella term. It can mean anything from corporate videos to training videos to social media content for a new campaign.

There are also a variety of styles and formats that can be used in video production. The traditional method is live footage, i.e. on location at a shoot. Having said that, the animation is on the rise as it’s usually more cost-effective and certainly easier to make changes in post-production.

In an animated context, editing consists of refining the final piece. Though we’re not videographers ourselves at Tricks Studio, we do collaborate with a clever and talented network of film creatives. This co-working flow allows us to be involved in the creative direction of the shoot, and take over the visual and sound editing when clips land on our desks.

What are video production services?

Video production services include recording and editing video projects which often involves capturing and organising media, editing footage and audio files, and even creating and inserting both static and motion graphics. The type of services a video production company offers will vary, so it’s always worth discussing your requirements and expectations with an agency first.

With regards to Tricks Studio’s video production services, we’re at heart animators, editors, and creatives. While we don’t have in-house videographers and a room chock-full of expensive kit, we absolutely have fantastic partners that do.

Collectively, we’ve spent decades honing our animation skills to become experts in this field. To provide our clients with the highest-quality work, we partner with people who’ve had the same dedication to the craft, but from behind a camera. Having said that, we’d love to edit your live footage and piece it all together to create an impactful and effective piece of video content.

We’re just as comfortable working as editors or with external specialists to shape live footage and piece it all together to create impactful and effective video content. It’s what we do daily, just using filmed people and places rather than shapes and colour. This process includes everything from sound design and motion graphics to working out the structure of the overall piece.

How long does video production take?

Due to the nature of video production, it’s tricky to define timings. The length of time it takes to produce and edit a video will depend upon your requirements, so once you have a project in mind, we’ll be able to more accurately discuss what we think the timings will look like.

Why pick Tricks Studio?

Tired of looking for ‘video production near me’? Your search for a professional and dedicated video production company in the UK is at an end. At Tricks Studio, we’ve amassed a small yet highly-talented team of creative professionals that offer an outstanding level of video production and editing. By working with you, we create high-quality video content that rivals work from larger agencies without the costly price tag.

While big agencies have teams of people to undertake video production and editing tasks, we employ a core team of experts that’ll liaise with you directly to create content that complements your business. Ready to find out more about our video production and editing services? Whether you have a cost query or editing enquiry, we can help.

With the global expansion of our brand, we engaged Tricks to help us strategically evolve our brand identity and voice. The project and process was a true collaboration. Given Tricks’ extensive expertise and passion for our brand, we continue to work with them on creative asset needs for digital campaign launches.