Why your marketing strategy needs video content

Why your marketing strategy needs video content

Is your marketing strategy missing something? If you’ve not already considered the value of video content and how it could aid your marketing efforts, then we’re here to help. With years of experience helping our valued customers reach their business goals, achieve higher SERP rankings, and create effective content, we know a thing or two about crafting marketing strategies that deliver real results.

Below, we explore the definition of a marketing strategy and why this strategy is so important to the success of any business. We then take a look at the role of video content within a marketing strategy and how this content can be used to help a company achieve its marketing strategy aims. From increasing engagement to boosting customer acquisition, video content plays an incredibly important role.

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is a single, comprehensive plan designed to help an organisation achieve its marketing-specific and greater business goals and objectives. Featuring defined targets and often various marketing approaches, its purpose is to reach prospective customers and turn them into real customers, which in turn helps businesses to obtain (or even surpass) their key goals.

Regardless of whether the business is B2B or B2C, both will require a suitable marketing strategy if the company wants to achieve their objectives. The types of marketing that become a part of the strategy, however, will vary based on whether it’s B2B or B2C. Key components of most marketing strategies often include email marketing, SEO, and content marketing, for example.

Why is a marketing strategy important?

As with any project, it’s always best to begin the process with a plan – and marketing is no different. When you create a marketing strategy, you are simply creating a plan that outlines that various marketing avenues you want to use in order to achieve your wider business goals. Once completed, every member of the marketing team can use the strategy as a reference, keeping the whole team unified, motivated and on track.

Why is good video content an important part of a marketing strategy?

Based on data from Wyzowl’s 2022 video marketing research, a substantial 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool – and it’s no wonder with the sheer range of video content available. The many different forms of video content include everything from corporate videos and tutorial/explainer videos to animated videos and product videos.

As a result, it makes sense that Wyzowl also found that an incredible 92% of marketers classed video as an ‘important part’ of their marketing strategy. With video content frequently being used to create video testimonials, customer service videos, video advertisements, and even customer onboarding clips, it can play a pivotal role across any business.

How can video content help your business?

Now you know why video content is such an important part of any marketing strategy, let’s find out how implementing video content can deliver real, measurable improvements. Regardless of whether you want to keep those bounce rates low or increase brand awareness across your target market, discover the various ways video content can boost your business below.

Drives brand awareness

Eager to get your brand name out there? With the right video content, you can easily drive brand awareness. Simply include the name, tagline, and logo of your business within the video content to ensure the viewer creates a strong association between the products/services mentioned in the video and your brand. Ideal for start-ups trying to make a name for themselves, brand awareness videos are vital for introducing your business to your target audience.

Indeed, Wyzowl reported that 93% of marketers in their survey believed video content helped them to increase their brand awareness. With just 7% not seeing an improvement in brand awareness directly related to video content, it’s certainly worth contacting a video production team like Tricks Studio to explore your options.

Aids product/service understanding

Video content can be particularly useful if your business specialises in innovative, unique, or complex products/services. This is because the information in video content is typically easier to absorb and often accompanied by sound and imagery that paints a better picture of how the product/service should be used in comparison to simple text – and it really works!

According to Wyzowl’s data, 94% of marketers believe that video content has helped them to improve their audience’s understanding of their product or service. Subsequently, if your target market can understand why your product/service is more effective than the current solutions on the market, then they are more likely to purchase the product/service or to at least contact your business to find out more.

Reduces bounce rates

If you’ve spent any time at all pouring over your Google Analytics metrics, then you’ll know that your website’s bounce rate (the percentage of visitors that navigate away from a website after viewing just one page) makes a big difference. To help keep your bounce rates low and encourage visitors to stay longer, we suggest inserting entertaining video content onto the page. Captivating video content can hold their attention and encourage them to explore your website further.

Boosts conversion rates

Social media is another fantastic platform to share video content. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are ideal for creating and publishing your social media video content with your target market. These engaging video snippets are designed to be attention-grabbing and inviting, helping to transfer the customer from social media to your website where they can view your products/services and convert.

In fact, Wyzowl’s survey found that a mammoth 88% of customers surveyed have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video!

Increases sales and ROI

These higher conversion rates are also supported by Wyzowl’s research as they found that 81% of marketers surveyed agreed that video content has helped them to directly increase their sales. While an even more substantial 87% of this group believed that video content has helped them to achieve a good ROI (Return on Investment). So, not only does video content look good, but it’s worth it, too!

Improves on-page SEO

As well as providing enhanced organic visibility for a website, good video content also increases on-page engagement. This on-page engagement (often measured in likes, comments, and shares) is viewed by Google and other search engines as a powerful ranking factor. This is because search engines want their users to find popular and entertaining content that encourages them to continue interacting, rather than immediately clicking away to find better video content.

Develops greater customer connection

Unlike pages covered in lines upon lines of text, video content can be much harder for the customer to pull themselves away from. The combination of voices, sound effects, music, facial expressions, and body language all contributes to helping the customer understand your brand while simultaneously encouraging them to get involved with your business.

Video content, regardless of whether it be composed of live footage or animated content, also conveys emotion better than any other medium. This marketing tool is therefore vital for creating a trustworthy, human connection between your business and its valued customers.

Broadens your audience

Wyzowl also highlighted the fact that people are twice as likely to share video content with their friends. Regardless of whether this video content is part of a blog, product page or social media post, it’s far more likely to be shared than written content, giving your business access to a wider audience. Not to mention, connecting with a bigger audience can also support your business by helping to build brand awareness, too.

Contact the talented team at Tricks Studios

For exceptional video content that stands out from the crowd and resonates with your business and its values, talk to the team at Tricks Studios today. Our experienced team of creative professionals is trained in animation and motion graphics to help convey even the most complex processes and ideas in an easy-to-understand and highly-entertaining fashion.

Regardless of whether you’re implementing a new marketing strategy or want to refresh old video content, we can help. With the ability to create high-quality explainer, social media, and corporate videos, we’ll ensure your valued clients associate every aspect of your business with professional-standard video content.

Eager to find out more about our close-knit team and the way we work? Luckily, we’ve created a designated page for case studies and testimonials to provide you with in-depth insight into our wide range of creative services. Bursting with helpful information and examples of our work commissioned by previous clients, it’s filled with inspiration and ideas.

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Why your marketing strategy needs video content

Gordon Barry

31 January 2023

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