What is a brand identity?

Oct 31 2 minutes read Gordon Barry

What is a brand identity?

From big to small businesses, across product and service based models, there’s always a guaranteed element that they all share. That element is having a brand identity.

But what is a brand and do you really need one? We’ve put together all the reasons, beyond the pretty logo, that show how building a brand will benefit your business and marketing and growth strategies.

What is a brand identity?

Brand identity is the collection of all elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its consumer. Different to brand image, the identity of a brand is the consistent message portrayed to the consumer for distinct recognition. Behind every brand is a strong founder and business, but businesses without thought-out branding can end up fading into the background.

Reasons to have a brand identity

Raise brand awareness
With a clear and consistent brand, consumers can start to understand more about your company culture, values and services. As people start to identify with your brand, you could see a following or community start to develop. Organic growth may also begin as people refer the product/service to their friends.


Smart investment

Starting a business is no easy task; it requires perseverance, courage and a lot of admin work. At the end of all that, it can be very disheartening to see slow growth or a heavy reliance on a small network of referrals. Investing in a strong brand identity is the first step to world domination. be sure to get a good return on investment for all the hard work you’ve already put in.


The importance of purposeful messaging

Being clear about who you are as a business and a brand also benefits your messaging. Along with a brand identity, you can set the ground rules for your company’s tone of voice – the language and delivery that you and any future employees will use when representing the brand. Having a unique tone of voice can be a USP and help deliver your messaging confidently and clearly.



Consistent branding reflects a premium service; you deserve a brand to match your already high quality work! This also helps to build trust with new customers. Your brand is like your shop front; it gives them a taste of what to expect when working with you, and what sort of work you can create for their needs.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If your dream only includes you, it’s too small – you can’t be expected to know everything. Bringing in external hands to help will let you focus on the important stuff. As experts in design, we’re comfortable working with all sorts of brands, from established names to innovative and upcoming identities.

Still Alive and Kicking?

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