What do video production companies do?

What do video production companies do?

From Warner Bros. to the talented team here at Tricks Studio, there are many businesses that class themselves as a ‘video production company’, but what does this term mean and what services can you expect from one of these video production agencies?

Below, we explore the role of video production companies, what you should look for when searching for a video production agency, and the various positions you’ll find in any video production team. To find out how a video production company can bolster your business, simply carry on reading.

What is a video production company?

Put simply, a video production company is composed of a team of creative professionals that work together to create high-quality video content designed for films, marketing purposes, or broadcast. They can be commissioned by a wide range of different businesses from a variety of sectors and industries to create practically any kind of video content that their clients require.

What is the role of a video production company?

The role of a video production company is to produce video content for other companies to help them accomplish their marketing goals. A video production company might be asked to create everything from commercials and online ads to corporate videos, explainer videos, and even animated videos.

Typically, they will handle every stage of the film production process including pre-production and post-production as well as the primary production stage. They can also provide expert help with the creation of the initial concept for the video production as well as adding any final effects and finishing touches to the content.

What to look for in a video production company

With so many video production agencies to explore, it can be difficult picking the right one to support you with your video production needs. To help you whittle down your choices to some of the best options, we’ve listed some of the key aspects of video production companies that you should assess when making this important decision.


The majority of video production companies won’t be shy when it comes to showing off their work and will ensure they have a case study hub or portfolio of their work that can be easily accessed online. This portfolio should be filled with previous work that will provide you with sought-after insight into their style and, most important, their skill level.

If they don’t have an online portfolio or their portfolio seems a little basic, don’t hesitate to reach out to ask for more examples of their work. The quality and style of their work will need to align with your vision, so it’s well worth doing your research or even taking inspiration from some of their previous work to use as a reference point.


While you may believe that video production companies that have been in business for years or even decades have the most experience, this isn’t always the case. High staff turnaround within these companies, for example, can contribute to a lack of individual experience that’s reflected in sub-par work. Instead, we recommend delving deeper and finding out how much experience the team has as a whole as well as individuals.

Alternatively, a video production agency’s portfolio can also indicate their level of experience. This will provide you with a snapshot of their work, giving you an accurate idea of their skill level and the type of video content they have experience producing.


Professionalism is an incredibly important quality for any business to possess. For video production agencies, professionalism can make all the difference when it comes to building a rapport and a healthy relationship with their clients. Before committing to a video production agency, it’s therefore vital that you assess their professionalism.

If their responses to your enquiries are painfully slow, they negotiate a lot, seem condescending or simply don’t make you feel like a valued client, look elsewhere. Ensuring they understand your video content requirements means they must have great communication and be able to maintain positive relationships with their clients.

It’s also well worth checking out any reviews about your chosen video production company to see what their previous clients have to say about their professionalism. The most reliable reviews are often those that have been independently verified by a review platform, so feel free to look up their business on various review platforms.

Production quality

If you’re searching for a company that can create an effective explainer video or sleek corporate video, then you’re probably not looking for feature-film standard production quality. However, the quality of the video production company’s content should be to the same or higher standard of video content produced by your competitors.

Ideally, their work should be of a better standard to help your brand stand out and highlight your business as offering higher quality services or products than your competitors. If they can’t provide you with examples of their previous work that has the production quality you’re looking for, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.


Naturally, some video production agencies (typically those with flashy offices and an army of staff) will be more expensive than others, but opting for the more affordable one-man band working from a home office doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Instead of simply choosing an agency that fits with your budget (be it modest or massive), consider the value for money by assessing their professionalism and experience, as well as the quality of their work.


Can the video production agency you have your eye on work to your set deadlines? If not, you could encourage work that is either late, of a poor quality because it’s been rushed, or has simply not finished at all. To prevent this hassle, it’s vital that you choose a video production company that has great time management skills and is known for delivering their projects to specific timeframes.

We recommend delving into their reviews or even contacting a previous client of theirs to double check that they can handle your workload.

What are the different types of jobs involved in video production?

While some video production companies are one-man operations and others have hundreds of employees, every one must play a variety of roles to deliver the desired content. We explore each one of these key video production roles in more detail to further your understanding of what a video production agency can achieve.


A screenwriter is a writer that specialises in creating scripts for film, TV, and many other visual mediums. Often, they work on screenplays for feature films, short films, television, and commercials, but they can be commissioned to help craft scripts for any kind of video content including corporate and explainer videos.

When creating a script for a business, they will typically work with the company to develop one of their ideas. Alternatively, they can be given more creative freedom to whip up original script ideas and pitch it back to the business. Once the company has signed off on the initial idea, the screenwriter can develop the idea into a full script.


A type of artist, an animator brings still images to life by adding motion. Using multiple images (also known by the more technical term as frames), an animator creates the illusion of movement when these frames are played in quick succession. Animators are commonly found to be working on video games, animation films, advertisements, and television productions.

Walt Disney Animation Studios is one of the most famous animation companies, having produced hundreds of short films and 61 feature films since its inception. While animation is not required in every piece of video content, the bold, attention-grabbing, and entertaining nature of animation makes animation artists a valuable member of any video production team.

Camera operator

A camera operator, also referred to as a cameraman or camerawoman, controls the camera equipment while shooting footage. An essential part of any film crew, the camera operator is responsible for operating portable cameras as well as remote-controlled camera equipment, and cranes.

Camera operators are essential for creating film, television, video broadcasts and recordings, but are required to capture any kind of professional-standard video content. Often, camera operators will develop an eye for a good shot, allowing them to work alongside directors and cinematographers to capture the most effective footage.


The cinematographer, also known as the director of photography, is responsible for helping the camera and lighting crew achieve the best shots. From the lighting to the colours and the framing, the cinematographer has a duty to ensure every single shot is just right.

All the on-screen visual elements such as the composition, camera angles, and even the lens selection falls under the jurisdiction of the cinematographer. Vital for feature-film and television productions, they often work closely with the director.


Providing crucial creative guidance throughout the entirety of the video production, directors are essential. The whole production’s crew and actors should take instruction from the director as it’s their role to control the video’s artistic aspects and bring to life the script as it was intended by the screenwriter.

To accurately fulfil the vision for the piece of video content, the director will play the main role in deciding the cast and instructing the rest of the video production team. While directors are most common in filmmaking, employing a director to take control of other video productions can help to ensure that any content produced is consistent, on-brand, and accomplishes its aim.

Video editor

Involved in the production stage as well as the final, post-production stage of video production, video editors make essential changes to the content. First and foremost, they’ll be tasked with combining different shots into sequences, then they could be asked to add in special effects and any finishing touches that the director deems necessary.

Video editors also work closely with directors and manage other important materials including dialogue and sound effects. Combined, all these aspects of video production can have a significant effect on the overall impression of the video content, so it’s important that video editors discuss each and every aspect is with the director.

How to approach a video production company

Once you’ve found a video production company that seems like a good fit for your business, reach out! Regardless of whether you choose to call, email, or fill in their contact form, getting in touch as soon as possible is the best way to find out whether they can accommodate your video production requirements.

Upon getting in contact, it’s important to clearly explain your video content expectations as well as any budget or timeline limitations. Adopting an open and honest approach will help the video production company to determine whether it can deliver your desired content for the price and date you need it.

Searching for a video production company?

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer range of faceless video production agencies? If you’re on the lookout for a video production company that takes a more personal approach and makes the effort to get to know you and what your business is all about, choose Tricks Studio.

Our tight-knit and highly-accomplished creative team are on hand to work with you on all your video production requirements. Regardless of whether you’re keen to add animated video content to your website or need product videos that you can publish on your social media channels, we’re able to convey complex notions with ease.

Keen to find out more about the quality of our work and what our talented team can do for you? Please feel free to explore the wide range of entertaining video content we’ve previously created for our delighted clients in our case study hub. You could also check out our testimonial page that’s filled with independently-verified reviews and handy information.

Out of all the video production companies out there, you can rest assured that Tricks Studio stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. To speak to a member of our team, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01244 560 537. If you’d rather contact us via email, please send your enquiry to [email protected] or fill out our online contact form.

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What do video production companies do?

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30 November 2022

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