Motion graphic design vs animation: what’s the difference?

motion graphic design vs animation

Eager to update your content with something a little more eye-catching?

With a helping hand from motion graphic design and animation, you could instantly enhance your website and product pages with easily digestible and attention-grabbing video content. Still, asking yourself ‘what is the difference between motion graphics and animation’? Let’s find out.

Is motion design the same as animation?

Quite simply, motion graphic design is a type of animation. When you refer to animation, this includes the world of motion graphics – moving or animated design. Animation, however, covers all kinds of moving imagery such as CGI, cartoons and clay animation. Differentiating the two terms, however, can be difficult because motion design is a branch of animation.

What is motion graphic design?

As mentioned above, motion graphic design (also known as motion design) is a subset of graphic design that involves moving imagery created using animation techniques. Typically, they also feature a combination of music and text to have a more impactful effect on their target audience. One of the defining features of motion graphics is that it uses text as a major component, something that many other forms of animation do not include.

When to use motion graphic design

If you’re unsure whether motion graphic design is the right choice of animation for your business, you can find plenty of examples of motion graphic design in ads and title sequences for movies. Designed to grab the viewer’s attention more effectively than a still image, motion graphic design has become a crucial tool for both the advertising and film industry.

What is animation?

Motion graphics is a type of animation. Animation includes a much wider range of methods in which images can be manipulated to look as though they are moving. It includes 3D animation, 2D animation, stop motion and motion graphics, to name just a few methods of breathing life into a still image.

When to use animation

Animation can be used in almost every industry for a variety of reasons. Regardless of whether you want to use animation advertise on social media, educate and train members of staff, or to answer frequently asked questions, it’s a fantastic tool to have at your disposal. Exploring the different types of animation available can help you to find the right kind of animation to meet your requirements.

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Motion graphic design vs animation: what’s the difference?

Gordon Barry

30 June 2022

2 minutes read