How to stay organised as a creative freelancer?

How to staty organised as a creative freelancer

We know time management may seem like a boring topic, but it’s vital to stay organised as a creative freelancer.

It’s a fundamental part of our studio to keep us organised and focus on the creative stuff. This results in a more efficient service to our clients and stops us from pulling our hair out at every admin task. We’ve compiled some top tips in the studio to help freelance designers increase creativity and productivity in unison.


Never start with an empty page: write a list of headings or what you want to achieve from writing your piece. This will allow you to stay on track in case you start drifting off.



Similar to making a list, turn a big job into digestible tasks that can be ticked off to help you feel productive about the little things.



A lunch break a day keeps the stresses away. But seriously, too much time spent at your desk won’t make you work more efficiently. Take some time to reflect, regroup and break up your day.



When you do get back to the desk to crack on with work, try to ensure that you’re sitting down with the intention of being productive and motivated. If you’re not feeling on top of your game, try to work out why. Are you well rested? Fed & watered? Go for a walk, get some fresh air, and try again.



When you get an email it would be best for your time and stress management to apply the 4 d’s of dodg…emails.

  1. Delete: you can probably delete half the emails you get immediately.
  2. Do: if the email is urgent or can be completed quickly.
  3. Delegate: if the email can be better dealt with by someone else.
  4. Defer: set aside time later to spend on emails that will take longer to deal with.

Check out more Tips with Tricks on our insights and pass this on to that friend who never knows when to log off. Interested in what we can do for you as a studio? Find out more about our services here.

How to stay organised as a creative freelancer?

Gordon Barry

28 February 2021

1 minute read