How long should a video be?

How long should a video be?

How long should each type of video content be?

Put simply, the ideal length of a video will depend greatly on its purpose. For example, the length of an attention-grabbing teaser video will vary massively to the duration of a product demonstration video. To help you determine how long each piece of video content should be, we explore some of the most common video types and their ideal duration in more detail below.

Explainer videos – Explainer videos, often animated, are best kept short and sweet at around 60-90 seconds. However, more complex notions may require up to two minutes to convey the right ideas without losing the viewer’s attention/interest. Animations and motion graphics can also help to make these videos more entertaining.

Video advertisements – Keen to create an in-stream video ad (also known as an ad that comes before or after the main video content)? Try to keep this type of video content to just 5-15 seconds to ensure the viewer watches until the end. These short, impactful ads are ideal for building brand awareness, too.

Social media videos – Due to the wide range of social media platforms businesses can utilise, there’s no set ideal social media video duration that works for every platform. TikTok videos, for example, are best kept between 7-15 seconds, whereas YouTube videos are often most effective at 2 minutes, and LinkedIn videos should be a maximum of 30 seconds.

Product demonstrations – When it comes to demonstrating how a product works, videos shouldn’t be too limited in length. Often, B2B product demonstrations are particularly long, typically lasting around 30-60 minutes to allow plenty of time for the potential customer to understand how the product works and how it will aid their business.

Teaser videos – The purpose of a teaser video is to generate mass interest in a particular product or service. Often long-awaited and used to build excitement around movies, these teaser videos should be short and snappy at around 30 seconds to build excitement and anticipation.

Customer onboarding videos – Designed to introduce new employees as well as new customers to the business, the recommend length for onboarding videos is typically two minutes. This 2-minute duration ensures there’s enough time to guide new hires/customers through the onboarding process, introduce them to key business figures, and explain how the company operates.

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How long should a video be?

Gordon Barry

31 October 2022

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