Facebook ads in 2021

Are Facebook ads still worth it in 2021?

A lot of marketers, designers, and businesses seem to be moving on from Facebook advertising. The demographic between 18-30 years old lean more into Instagram or Twitter.

Even TikTok is coming a priority for a lot of brands' marketing campaigns. We'll briefly break down why you should reconsider your opinion on Facebook marketing to gain a competitive advantage.


We provide Facebook with data on our online behaviours and habits. It is because of this that the platform still provides the most targeted form of advertising available. Plug-ins like Gener8 coming to market allow users to tailor what adverts they’d like to see based on their interests. This shows that people are happy to be advertised to, as long as it’s relevant to things they’d actually like to buy. From a brand perspective, if you have a good understanding of your target audience, you can engage with them quite easily via paid advertising on Facebook.



Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. 2.7 billion people have a Facebook account. That’s a huge amount of people to advertise to. This means that it’s a big battle between brands to stand out. Video content is seen to be more engaging than images and text, and is possibly the most effective way to get your message across in 2021.



We’ve put together a post on optimal video lengths here. The important thing to note is that each social media platform is different, and Facebook actually prefers longer videos. This means that users are generally more likely to be engaged in videos that land on their feed. This contrasts with quick consumption content that is common on platforms like TikTok.



In addition to this, Facebook is an ad management tool that gives you a lot of control. This means you can fine-tune the detail of your advert very easily. You can define who your target audience is in great detail, and have territory messaging to boost engagement. Facebook is generally very quick to set up an ad, and if you’re targeting your audience correctly, you’ll see a jump in your conversion rates.

Now you know that Facebook is still the reigning giant for your social media ad campaigns, get in touch with us about how you can incorporate animation and video into your marketing strategy.

Facebook ads in 2021

Gordon Barry

30 June 2021

1 minute read