Do videos drive more conversions?

Do videos drive more conversions?

Is animation better at driving conversions than static content?  

Captivating an online audience is becoming more of a challenge to small and large businesses. Brands of all sizes are competing for the top spot in their followers' feeds all whilst trying to create low-effort, maximum engagement content. We’ve experienced these headaches with our own clients who want to increase brand awareness, generate more leads and see a higher conversion rate. Our answer is simple: motion design.


Numbers don’t lie. It’s been statistically shown that moving content engages more effectively with an online audience than static pictures or designs. We’ve pulled out a few key figures below to show that.

  1. Users spend 88% more time on a website with video
  2. Content organically posted to Facebook only reaches about 16% of your following
  3. 60% of marketers said video tends to drive more engagement



They say an image speaks a thousand words, so a video must speak at least 10,000. Bringing your message to life with animation allows you to deliver complex messaging quickly and clearly. The best part is, you can combine multi-layered messages without overwhelming your audience.


Those pesky algorithms used by social media platforms push content that encourages engagement. By having a 10-second video rather than an image, a user is forced to slow down and absorb the content. This pause in scrolling feeds back to the social media algorithm and boosts your content further. Also, the longer someone spends on a post, the more likely they’ll save or share the content. Utilising motion and driving engagement will mean you’ll get priority on your followers feeds; it’s basically winning the gold medal.

We love creating moving social media content, explainer videos and animations both in 2D and 3D for our clients. But isn’t motion design really complex and expensive? We’ve put together some breakdowns to explain how the motion design world really works. Check out our motion graphic work too to see us in action.

Do videos drive more conversions?

Gordon Barry

30 April 2021

1 minute read