404 pages that create conversions

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How to convert a lead from an error page

On the internet, there really is nothing more annoying than getting slapped in the face with a 404 error. They’re usually pretty bland and give a robotic apology for a poor internet connection. Even though it’s a neglected area of most websites, the 404 error page can be a witty and charming way to re-engage a user and redirect them to a more favourable part of the site (one that actually loads, too). We got our googling fingers ready and dug out some of the best 404 pages that create conversions in the game right now, at least we think.
404 pages that create conversions


You really can’t beat a classic; Airbnb’s error page ticks all the boxes. It’s on-brand, it’s animated, and it provides plenty of steer to get you back to a working page. Does what it says on the tin.

404 pages that create conversions

CSS Tricks

This kind of feels similar to a TV character breaking the fourth wall – CSS Tricks get a little intimate and show you their code. These guys also play it well by giving direction to other parts of the site and general customer support.

404 pages that create conversions


This page is not good for productivity, but it is a nice nostalgia trip. It’s up there with Google’s offline dinosaur game (chrome://dino) and our own 404 page in terms of fun. For Kualo, the good news is the longer you play, the longer your user session will be, and the sooner you die, the faster you’ll be presented with links to navigate around their site.

404 pages that create conversions

Steve Lambert

The weirdest error page we found, it’s definitely one of our favourites. Who doesn’t love an awkward guy talking for an uncomfortably long amount of time? Steve also points to the side navs from inside the video, which is a clever way to break the dimensions. The length of the video with no ability to skip makes you stick around until the awkwardness ends, increasing the user session.

We hope these examples of 404 pages that create conversions can provide some inspiration on how you can use an error to your advantage. Navigate your customers through a pesky broken link and encourage a different form of engagement. Read our favourite 404 page designs to see how to present your branding and keep the user engaged.

404 pages that create conversions

Gordon Barry

30 April 2022

Sub one minute read