Animation and motion graphics

Animation and motion graphics

As an animation agency with a small yet incredibly talented team of creative experts, we know that animation as a term can be a can of worms.

To discover how an animated video company like ourselves can help you, we will explore precisely what’s involved in animated video production and how it can take your business to the next level.

What is Animation in Video Production?

Animation can also be referred to as ‘motion design’, and really there are endless variants and versions in video production. Put simply, animation describes a technique of creating the illusion of movement through a series of drawings or models. It can also be at its most effective when using 3D, either by itself or combined with 2D content.

Animation (or even video) is the umbrella term for many different services, including explainer videos, TV commercials and social media video production. Animations tend to focus on storytelling whereas motion graphics are the moving version of its sister discipline – graphic design. Think of motion graphics as educational/informative and animation as emotive. Though, the lines can (and often do) blur. Linguistics aside, we love and can help with all forms of video creation.

How animated video content can help you?

Ideas, feelings and emotions can be communicated in an effective and powerful manner through moving content. Deploying motion graphics into a campaign elevates your message and increases its engagement. It can also have other, less tangible results such as increasing your brands reach, awareness and perception.

The best way to establish what work you’d like doing is by giving us a call.

What does the animation process look like?

Typically there are two halves to a motion project:

Pre-production – Animation is full of intricate details and carefully synced moments. To ensure the time is spent in the areas that are most beneficial, it’s important that we iron out all the paperwork and start off on the right track. Then, we can help with script creation and visual direction (where necessary). Starting off with the strongest possible foundations will pay dividends down the line.

Production – This is the fun part where we roll up our design sleeves and start to solve those pesky problems. We’ll work with your brand identity to create some style frames (such as mood boards for motion designers) which will then be sent to you for approval. Then we can start to animate the piece.

Why choose Tricks Studio?

As an animation video agency that prides itself on understanding your specific business requirements, we’re able to convey a wide and varied range of complex ideas and thought-provoking messaging – all through the magnificent medium of animation of motion graphics.

Of all the animated video production companies in the UK, our close-knit and talented team stands out thanks to our high standards, ensuring we consistently produce outstanding animations for all our valued clients. Speaking of our clients, why not see what they have to say about our work by checking out our collection of case studies and glowing testimonial page?

Ready to get in touch to find out more? You can either call us on 01244 560 537, send us an email enquiry at [email protected] or fill out our convenient online contact form. No matter how you choose to get in touch, our creative team members will be in touch shortly to help illustrate how your company could benefit from a dash of animation magic.

With the global expansion of our brand, we engaged Tricks to help us strategically evolve our brand identity and voice. The project and process was a true collaboration. Given Tricks’ extensive expertise and passion for our brand, we continue to work with them on creative asset needs for digital campaign launches.