Sound Design and Voiceovers

One of the many benefits of video content is that it is multi-sensory.

However, this means that your audio can be just as important as the visual design. At Tricks, we produce both high-quality visual and audio content for your video.

See how we blended sound and visuals in our studio showreel above.

How do I get a voiceover?

We work with a talented network of creators who can record your voiceover for your video, or you can come with one already prepared.

How much is a typical voiceover?

The cost of a voiceover depends on the length of the recording. It also depends on who will be doing the narration. If you want someone famous (maybe that guy off the X-Factor) to do your voiceover or even feature in the final video then you’ll need to allow extra budget.

What is Sound Design?

Graphics have graphic design, and so it’s only fair that sound has sound design. This is a really important step in any video. According to George Lucas, “Audio is 50% of the experience”. This means that perfecting the sonics is a key factor in a successful and engaging project.

We sync carefully timed sound effects to help to layer the feelings and emotions derived from the video and protect the balance of audio elements so that they don’t overpower others or muddy the sound.

“With the global expansion of our brand, we engaged Tricks to help us strategically evolve our brand identity and voice. The project and process was a true collaboration. Given Tricks’ extensive expertise and passion for our brand, we continue to work with them on creative asset needs for digital campaign launches.”

Scott Parker

Chief Brand Officer, Fhitting Room

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